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Our goal is to provide our customers with dependable transportation,  NOT to provide you with a cool car to go pick up your kids at school, to attend a funeral or to pick up your girlfriend at work in. (yes unfortunately, all of these have happened)
We fully understand that serious buyers want to "test drive" vehicles prior to purchasing, but many people like to waste dealer's time and money by randomly "test driving" vehicles without any serious intent of purchasing one.
We are very happy to let you drive a vehicle IF you have looked it over, IF we have already negotiated and agreed upon a price and IF you have the cash or pre-arranged financing to pay for it.
We own the vehicles, we buy the gas that's in them, we pay the detail crew to clean them and we pay the insurance which allows us to let others drive our vehicles.  Please be prepared to purchase if you plan to drive!


We love the lake...but we honestly don't have the time to take you and your family boating.  Water tests are pre-arranged ONLY after you have thoroughly inspected the vessel in person and agreed upon the purchase price.
The water test of a marine vessel is merely a "confirmation of purchase", meaning that if the vessel performs accordingly and does what we say it will do, you then pay us, sign your paperwork and take possession of your boat.  Due to the high volume nature of our repair facility, all water tests must be pre-scheduled in advance so that we can accommodate.

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