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AUTO & MARINE SALES We carefully hand pick each vehicle, guaranteeing that we can offer re-sale to the public BELOW fair market value.  We buy primarily locally owned vehicles, and each are thoroughly checked in our shop prior to offering it to the public.  Each marine vessel is water tested and run through diagnostics at our repair shop prior to resale.  As a consumer, you deserve to buy trouble free and to make your purchaes for LESS than the market value.  DON’T PAY FULL RETAIL! 

If you have pre-approved financing or cash to conduct your transaction, we will search for the vehicle or marine vessel that specifically meets your criteria (make, model, mileage, color) and get it for you WHOLESALE.  Our fee is only $500 for a pre-arranged purchase and we require a $1,000 deposit in house prior to purchasing your dream vehicle for you.  It’s the perfect way to shop!  You tell us what you want and how much you want to spend!

PREMIER AUTOMOTIVE, RV & MARINE – The sister company of Dream Cars & Marine, Inc and on the same facility specializes in domestic, import, RV and I/O marine diagnostics and repair.  In addition to having the ability to MAKE SURE the vehicle or boat that you purchase from Dream Cars, Inc is in good running order, we offer diagnostic -and repair services for ALL your toys.  Summer specials:  MARINE - outdrive service - $89.95 / oil change - $99.95.

PRE-SALE INSPECTIONS - Considering purchasing a used boat from an individual or a dealer that you don't know anything about? DON'T MAKE A MISTAKE! - Boats can be troublesome and very expensive if you choose the wrong one.  We will do a thorough on site inspection of the vessel and/or perform water tests and provide either the buyer or seller a detailed checklist of issues or items to be aware of.  Spend a little up front to save a lot later & prevent terrible mistakes when choosing your boat!

DEALER APPRAISALS - We have unique relationships with our dealers and marina's that we purchase inventory from.  Often, inexperienced sales people or other pressure conditions make dealers end up with WAY more in their trade in's than they SHOULD!  (Yes, you have a couple of those laying behind the building, don't you!).  We will look at and tell you how much we will pay you directly for your trades and you can structure your "deal" around what you KNOW you can get for it in a pinch!  Never get hung with an over valued trade again! 

HASSLE FREE DEPOSITS Find a car, truck or boat you want?  Afraid it will get sold while you’re finalizing details?  Simply give us a deposit!  If someone else comes to purchase the vehicle, we will give you a courtesy call and you will have 24 hours to complete your purchase WITHOUT losing the vehicle, or the deposit!  Take the guessing out of your purchase process!

GOT SOMETHING FOR SALE? - Ask us!  We'll buy pert'near anything if the price is right.

"What do we do before we sell something??"


Date completed:
                                         Auto/Vessel: _______________________                                                

AUTO:                                                                   WHO?                                                   NOTES:

q       Compression test

q       Road test

q       Basic Service
(oil, filter, check
transmission &
fluids, air tires)

q       Check electrical

q       Note other issues


q       Hull inspection

q       Trailer weight

q       Air trailer tires

q       Transom inspection

q       Outdrive fluids

q       Motor fluids

q       Anchor system

q       Fresh water

q       A/C & heat

q       Water temp

q       Oil pressure

q       Prop inspection

q       Gauges

q       Tilt/trim

q       Trim tabs

q       Appliances

q       Plug

q       Steering & throttle

q       Water test